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List of interviews with Ruth and reviews of her work,
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photo credit: Marco Prozzo
(Beacon Hill, Seattle, 1980s)

photo credit: Meesh Miller (Caryn Cline's Botanicalista workshop, Olympia, 2011)

For information about how I've been integrating the teaching of animation into interdisciplinary college courses, check out my Evergreen teaching blog.

There are links to some animation by my students there but you can also get to archived animation work by a lot of Greeners through these links: Emerging Order , Evergreen Media Arts Animation Gallery from 2001 and student work on the Evergreen Visual History Archive.

More about pre-cinema and other optical devices:

Check out Rufus Butler Seder's amazing Strobotop.

For making video using praxinoscopes, see David Wilson's work on Vimeo

Lorelei Pepi's done a lot of work adapting optical devices using contemporary electronics. See her LED strobe device applied to a phenakistascope (and also check out her web site).

Philosophical Toy World, a site developed by Zoe Beloff, has a lot of information about animation toys and other optical toys.

Thomas Weynant's Early Visual Media site is also a good resource for precinema information and images.

Access Andy Voda's Optical Toys for beautifully produced replicas of vintage animation toys and optical devices.

For custom made flipbooks, try Flippies.

A selection of Animation related sites:

In Europe, HEEZA is a great source for all sorts of animation books and tapes.

For several excellent essays on animation by dear departed Dr. Bill Moritz, go to The iotaCenter. Another great site for abstract and experimental animation is The Center for Visual Music.

Animation World Network is the online magazine for animation and animation resources.

ASIFA, Association Internationale du Film d'Animation.

"The price we pay for independence is fluctuating finances. One does not become an ASIFA member to make money, but because one likes animation and people who make it, because one is superior to frontiers and barbed wire, and ready to do one's part."
Michel Ocelot, past ASIFA president

California State Summer School for the Arts
I used to teach at this intensive four week summer school for high school students which features one of the best animation programs in the country.

A few web sites by other animators:

My former teacher George Griffin's site features his flip books as well as films and writing. Check out Gail Noonan's web site to find out about her whimsical and wonderful films.

Stephen Arthur is an animator in British Columbia, whose film "Transfigured" was screened at the Hiroshima International Animation Festival.

One of my favorite animators, Michaela Pavlatova, has a wonderful site of images, film descriptions and interactive animations.


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